A lot more medical workers should now be able to provide information and health care needed for the prevention and management of diabetes,hypertension and gouts.

This follows the training of more than 50 medical workers who completed an eight day training workshop today.

The training, called the seed-teacher training workshop, was provided by Taiwan Health Center and Kaoshiung Medical University Hospital.

A team of medical professionals and student volunteers consisting of six females and two males from Taiwan Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital supported by the Taiwan Health Centre at the National Referral Hospital, jointly organised the training.

Participants came from the provinces, Honiara and church health centres.

The participation of medical professionals from Taiwan was part of a sister relationship partnership between the national referral hospital and Kaoshsiung Medical University Hospital.

Officials from the Ministry of Health and Medical Service, and Government dignitaries from Taiwan commended the training saying it came at the right time.

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