The Solomon Airline says despite the intense competition in the airline industry, they are confident in the delivery of their product.

Solomon Airline General Manager for Operations & Commercial Services, Gus Kraus, during a brief certificate presentation at their point Cruz office last week said they are conscious of the fact that they are now competing with other competitors.

Mr. Kraus said while the competition in the airline industry is becoming real, it is also an exciting competition.

In a statement, the Airline said they have seen a better trend in their service where more hopped-in to their services.

"Clearly, it is something travelers wanted and are now able to get," the statement added.

The Solomon Islands visitors Bureau SIVB, last week, in their visitors update indicated that with the increasing number of visitors entering the country most of them make it here by air.

The Bureau said of the total number of visitors flown in to the country from January to June this year, the Pacific Blue uplifted 39% of it, while the Solomon Airline uplifted 35%.

The Bureau says Air Niugini uplifted 15% of the total number of visitors while the Air Pacific, Our Airline, and unscheduled and military flights uplifted the rest.

But, the Solomon Airline said regardless of how the indication of the competition is doing, as indicated by the Bureau, they are confident in the delivery of their product and their way forward.

It is understood the Solomon Airline has received their new Airbus 320 this week. The Airbus was leased by the Airline from the Australia-owned Strategic Aviation.

The Airbus has commenced its service this week under its banner, Solomons, which will identify the Airbus contract with the Solomon Airline.

The Aircraft is here to fly the Solomon Airline's Monday, Wednesday and Friday Honiara-Brisbane service.

Kraus said with the confidence they have in their service, they are pursuing to increase their initial tri-service to four by November or sooner this year. Including the Sunday service.

The Airline said at the end of the day, they believes their products with its increase range of competitive airfares and full meal with in-flight entertainment and hot meals with no more to pay and with a Solomon Islands flavour is still hard to beat.

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