Teachers will no longer pursue a planned boycott of standard six exams on Wednesday this week.

Instead, the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association, SINTA has given government an 18.1 percent Cost of Living Adjustment claim.

SINTA Public and Industrial Relations Officer, Johnly Hatimoana says they have just learnt from the Education Permanent Secretary Mylyn Kuve last Friday, that cabinet never endorsed a 12.5 percent COLA award for teachers last year.

He says only a 5 percent COLA award was given by government.

Mr Hatimoana says they were told government never endorsed an additional 7.5 percent COLA and were disappointed they were not informed about the decision.

He however says the current 18.1 COLA submission to government is based on the cost of living adjustment from June 2008 to July first 2009.

Mr Hatimoana threatens strike action if government fails to negotiate the new COLA claim with SINTA within the next 14 days.

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