One of the country's major industries, the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited had threatened to close its operations following the burning of its administration office at the weekend.

Company Operations Manager Harry Brock told SIBC News that arsonists set fire to the office building about 4 a.m. Saturday morning.

Mr Brock says the entire office building with its facilities valued at about three million dollars vanished into ashes.

In an angry tone, Mr Brock says for whatever motive behind the cowardice criminal act, the weekend burning of the company's administration office building was the second time it happened.

He says it is only logic that the overseas major investors in the project will have to think twice about whether to continue do business in the country.

Mr Brock says he believes if police have arrested those involved in the first arson case then they would have prevented the recent burning happening again.

Asked if there were securities guarding the office facilities at night, Mr Brock says there were securities.

Mr Brock says police are investigating the recent incident.

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