Transparency Solomon Islands says the proposed Forgiveness Bill may in fact set the country's healing process back.

The bill will provide amnesty for those giving evidence to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission later this year, about the civil war which began in 1998 and cost thousands of lives.

Radio Australia quotes Chairman of the Solomon Island's branch of Transparency International, Bob Pollard, says while he's heard reports of what the bill may contain, he questions whether it is the right approach.

Mr Pollard says the Forgiveness Bill could actually offend those who suffered during the civil war.

He says forgiveness is something that can only be given by the victim to the offender, adding he cannot imagine that there is no anyway to legislate for forgiveness.

Mr Pollard says forgiveness has to come from the heart of a person and adding that he doesn't think that involves the government turning around and saying it is not going to forgive everybody who has committed a crime.

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