The High Court has ordered two Asians to pay a fine of more than 120-thousand dollars or spend the next 12 months in prison.

Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer also ordered that the tug-boat used to smuggle the goods be forfeited to the Solomon Islands Government forthwith.

Both men were found guilty of smuggling goods into the country and evading the customs and Excise Act.

In sentencing Uhla Thien and Hisham Bin Abdulla yesterday, the Chief Justice, Sir Albert said both workers of the foreign Tug boat, Lee Ling 8 were found guilty of breaching four counts of the Customs and Excise Act.

Justice Sir Albert found them guilty of false declaration of goods, concealing of goods, and import of prohibited goods, including 276 bottles of liquor, 2444 sleeves of cigarettes, food stuff, one chain saw, electrical equipment and items, suitcases, two generators, 29 watches and personal items that are contrary to the Act.

He said the total value of the concealed and prohibited goods stands at almost two hundred and eighty thousand dollars.

Chief Justice Sir Albert ordered that both Uhla and Abdulla each pay more than 600-thousand dollars fine within the next thirty days or in default face a 12 months imprisonment.

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