The Opposition Spokesman for Finance and Treasury and MP for East Are'are, Edward Huniehu, has warned the Sogavare government of likely repercussions to Julian Moti's appointment.

Mr. Huniehu said Solomon Islands will likely experience cutbacks on aid from some development partners.

Mr. Huniehu said that the consultation process between Australia and the Solomon Islands, especially on legal and diplomatic issues, will be seriously affected with the appointment of the fugitive lawyer. The direct impact of the decision is its effect on aid negotiations.

"Any aid cutbacks will undermine the ability of the government to implement their Bottom-Up Approach Strategy. This will affect rural development and why should the interests of one person undermine the government's rural focus."

The Opposition spokesman said the unclear state of Moti's appointment is likely to impact on his performance. Mr Huniehu suspects that the only way for Julian Moti to have a good working environment is to have Lawyers who support him bought in to work in the Attorney General Chambers.

Huniehu went on to say that this could mean that more Solomon Islands Lawyers will leave the Attorney General Chamber and the likelihood that some High Court Judges resigning is a strong possibility.