The newly elected Premier of Western Province, George Solingi Lilo, has announced his Provincial Assembly executive.

Mr Lilo has appointed Robert Pae Kuve as Deputy Premier and Minister for Investment, Business Services and Indigenous Affairs.

A former West Honiara Parliamentarian, Lester Huckle Saomasi, is the Minister for Finance and Treasury.

Former Premier Alex Lokopio is the Minister Assisting the Premier and is responsible for State and Local Government.

The first female Assembly member, Victoria Sino Oloratavo, is responsible for the Education and Human Resources Development portfolio.

The Minister responsible for Planning, Economic Development and Reconstruction is Richard Morgan Tekifono; Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Alesina Redfern and the Minister for Infrastructure Development is Christian Mesepitu.

The Minister for Health and Rural Water Supply, Sutcliffe George; Minister for Forestry, Lands, Housing and Physical Planning, John Wesley Zama; Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sports, Stephen Roni; Minister for Mines, Environment and Rural Electrification, Brisbane Amatore and the Minister for Women, Children, and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Leong Mamu.

The Provincial Executive members were sworn-in yesterday morning.

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