The strike taken by more than 200 government nurses, seconded staff and direct employees of the Ministry of Health and Medical services at the Gizo hospital, in Gizo, Western Province has relaxed with the recalling of some of its staff, 13 days into the strike action.

Samson Maena Chairman of the Gizo Tsunami Working Committee confirms to SIBC News that the recalling of some of its staff is in response to the steps the government has taken to deliberate further on the issue in Cabinet.

Mr. Maena says he has been assured by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health that a Cabinet paper is being prepared for Cabinet to deliberate on the issue.

SIBC News understands that the strike action was taken up by frustrated workers, alleged to have been unfairly treated during the disbursement of rehabilitation funds to victims of the tsunami and earthquake which devastated most of their homes and belongings.

Mr. Maena says the workers are demanding compensation in cash as precedence has been set when senior provincial workers each received fifteen thousand dollars under the rehabilitation phase.

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