The Minister for Home and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Hon. Peter Tom has assured the nation of the government's commitment to support Christian churches in the country.

In 2007, the ruling Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement (CNURA) Government has assist churches in implementing their activities with financial assistance close to SB$157 million which included SB$3.9 million in tithes.

Last year, a further SB$166.77 million church assistance which included SB$6 million in tithes drawn from government's surplus funds was also made.

"As the responsible Ministry we would continue to work hand in hand with the churches to support any programs that Churches intend to implement," Mr Tom said.

"Churches have played an important role in our society as well in our Country as whole in terms of building up capacity and biblical perspective of our people. Churches have played a crucial role the process of reconciliation and peace building during our difficult times".

In addition, Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua said the CNURA government this year has placed additional funds to implement reconciliation both at the community and national level.

Press Release (Government Communications Unit)