The RSIPF National Intelligence Unit have arrested and charged the driver of a boat that sunk some three kilometres away from Savo Island. The small outboard motor canoe, which had 12 passengers on board including women and children, was rescued by a Police boat on the late evening of 5 June 2009.

The 28 year old man from Sissiaka village at Savo Island, was formally arrested by Police at West Kolaridge yesterday afternoon.

He was later charged with one count of Negligence Act contrary to section 237 subsection (b) of the penal code.

The suspect who is now on bail, will appear in the Magistrate Court on the 29 June 2009 for his plea.

Inspector Charles Fox of the Harbor Patrol Unit urged all public boat owners, to take extra precaution and to take heed of warning messages by the Marine shipping service and the weather forecast department.

"I urge all public boat owners, boat drivers and passengers to understand the negligence of risking people's lives at sea, because after all, one can be charged and prosecuted for such careless behavior," Inspector Fox said.

"All boat owners and drivers must know that it is a criminal act to know the danger of what's ahead, yet acting negligently which could result in lives lost," he said.

While the Police Maritime unit is working hard to promotoe sea safety rules, the Police is also encouraging boat owners and drivers to take all necessary precautionary measures such as carrying a campus, life jackets, bottle waters and sufficient fuel.