Police Harbour Patrol assisted Customs and Quarantine officers board a foreign fishing vessel on Thursday, 4 of June 2009 on a routine check on illegal activities, and have seized a large quantity of cigarettes and alcohol.

The seizure was part of a continuing Operation targeting concealed, excessive goods and undeclared items being smuggled into the Solomon Islands shores by foreign vessels.

The seizure of goods occurred when Customs, Quarantine and Police made a routine check on a fishing vessel known as the FV Granada of the Mako Fisheries Ltd on early Thursday morning.

More than 54 Korean sleeve cigarettes, 1 carton of beer, 11 bottles of Soju drinks and 4 bottles of whisky were confiscated by Customs' officers.

Later the offending company was required to pay a total sum of $2009, which includes a duty fine of $1000.

Honiara Police Commander Chief Superintendent Nathan Ratu said, that the joint operation known as 'Operation Clean Harbour' has been targeting all of the participants in the illegal activity on both foreign and domestic shipping vessels.

"While the joint officers dealt very much with undeclared, concealed and excessive goods or items on foreign vessels. The Operation is on the look out on prostitution on docked vessels and exchanged of damaged fish from fishing vessels with the locals," he said.

"I proudly thank those involved in the joint Harbour Patrol for a job well done. Without these joint efforts, Solomon Islands will be very much in danger of diseases, prostitution trafficking and loose of income on Government tax revenues." Mr. Ratu said.

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