Parliament will elect a new Governor General on Monday next week, 15th June 2009.

Clerk to Parliament, Taeasi Sanga, told SIBC News that this is according to the schedule put forward by the government.

She says the next Parliament meeting will start on Thursday this week.

"The main thing that will happen on Thursday is that the PM will move a motion for the purpose of Section 27 of the Constitution. The election of the Governor General will take place on the 15th of June. The PM will move the motion on Thursday, and after the moving of the motion, nominations will open for three clear days."

Mrs Sanga says most of the members of Parliament are now in Honiara for the meeting.

The incumbent Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena is eligible to stand for another term if he is nominated.

The Governor General of the Solomon Islands is the de facto Head of State of the Solomon Islands, representing Queen Elizabeth II.

The Governors Generals of most other Commonwealth countries are appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister of those realms; however, in the Solomon Islands, the Governor General is appointed by the monarch on the advice of Parliament to a five year term.

Though the office holds considerable reserve powers, it is largely a symbolic figurehead position with little day to day involvement in government.