The Integrated Framework of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade will soon embark on an awareness programme.

A visiting consultant, Ameir Mbonde, says the division would want to make as many people in the country as possible to be informed of the Programme and how they can be part of it.

The goal of the Framework is to support Least Developed Countries integrate into the global trading system with a view to contributing to poverty reduction and sustainable development.

The purpose of the programme is to give support towards mainstreaming trade into development strategies and the enhancement of the LDCs' capacity to formulate and implement trade-related elements of national development strategies, including addressing supply constraints.

The Framework is also aimed at supporting LDCs in mainstreaming trade into their national development plans and strategies.

One of the objectives of the Integrated Framework Program is to disseminate information about its work to the wider public.

The strategy will coordinate effective awareness building of the I-F process to promote national ownership and to facilitate trade mainstreaming at government, private sector and civil society levels.