President of ACP Council and Solomon Islands Foreign Minister, William Haomae, has presented traditional Solomon Islands' necklaces to his ACP colleagues as a gesture of appreciation for their support for his presidency.

Mr Haomae presented the necklaces during a function, which he hosted on Tuesday night for his ACP colleagues.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Haomae said he's honoured to be given the opportunity to chair the prestigious organization - 20 years later.

"It's indeed a big achievement for my country and my region - the Pacific," Mr Haomae said.

He explained that the necklaces signify an important part of Solomon Islands culture and symbol of peace and are usually given to visitors and distinguished guests.

Acknowledging Mr Haomae, the Ambassador of Nigeria, H.E Usman Alhaji Baraya, when speaking on behalf of the ACP Group, thanked the minister for the special gifts.

He said all the ACP leaders are proud of the beautiful gifts, which will remind them of Solomon Islands for a long time to come.

The Ambassador also praised the manner in which Haomae chaired the meeting.

Mr Baraya said given the difficult issues discussed, and decisions taken at the council, Mr Haomae has done extremely well, and they are all proud of the successful outcome of the meeting.

Mr Haomae has successfully chaired the two-day meeting, which ended on Wednesday. Several important issues were discussed, some of which include: Economic Partnership Agreements, Review of the Cotonou Agreement, and the procedures for the appointment of the new Secretary-General, who will be from West Africa.