Spokesman for the former Malaita combatants, Andrew Nori, has said institutional failure has led to the social unrest and the eventual intervention by the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI.

Speaking last week before the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee on RAMSI, Mr Nori said when the British left the country in 1978; they left behind the Westminster system of government and well structured systems and institutions in government.

Mr Nori said the regulations they developed in finance, public service management and other guidelines like the use of government property are among the best in the world.

He said over the years the problem was the gradual moving away from observing the requirement of those rules and regulations.

Mr Nori said during that period, he witnessed the growth of political interference into the affairs of public service.

He said prior to and immediately after independence, public servants were in control of public service.

Mr Nori said the country started going wrong when politicians started assuming those responsibilities and public servants complying with those political directives.

"The institutions that we had before and which we still currently have are government and regulated by sets of rules and laws and regulations. We should make a solemn commitment as a government as a nation that all structures and institutions of government must operate within the bounds of the legal requirements," said Mr Nori.