Two Solomon Islanders studying at the Fiji School of Medicine (FSM) have scooped the first prize in FSM's e-journal competition.

They are Pedical Churchill and Simon Wale, both year five Medicine students.
The formal announcement was made Thursday last week.

Both their entries were declared joint winners by the chair after the judging panel failed to decide a clear winner.

"We were called in during lunch and informed about the outcome of the situation," said an excited Simon.

"It was then that I knew that both our entries were on equal terms from the panel's eyes."

Adrenaline levels rose to the brim when the panel decided to have another sitting to look into the two convincing arts.

"We were told to proceed to the VIP lounge where lunch was served and the panel was left to decide on the last say," said Simon. "We didn't eat, we just drunk juice," said Simon who prefers to be called Saigee by friends.

After a long nervous wait the panel finally came up with the decision to award the first prize to both entries, which included a lap top each.

"So what this means is that we will have to incorporate our two logos together...but we'll do that later for now we'll concentrate on our exams first," said Simon.

Meanwhile Mr. Pedical said that the win is a dream come true," I feel that my childhood dreams to win something from my art skills is now achieved."

"I want to dedicate this win to my baby girl Chegu and to all the Solomon Islands Medical Students Associations (SIMSA) family and the whole Solomon Islands," said Pedical.

The logo competition was organized by FSM for its soon to be launched electronic journal.

The e-journal will feature articles and research work done by both the students and staff of the school which, according to organizers, "have not seen the light of day over the years due to lack of proper storage and publication."

"But to do that we need an eye-catchy logo so that readers will be lured to read it," said the organizers.

The journal is expected to be launched online around August this year.


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