Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua has requested the Japanese government to consider funding more projects in tertiary education, renewable energy and mining sectors under its next funding cycle.

Prime Minister Sikua's request was made during a private meeting in Hokkaido with his Japanese counterpart ahead of the PALM 5 main summit last week.

Japan's Prime Minister, Taro Aso, had indicated an assistance of SBD$175,000 towards water supply systems for Auki, the provincial capital of Malaita.

A press statement from the Prime Minister's Office says Prime Minister Aso also informed Dr Sikua that the Japanese government would consider funding assistance to rehabilitate the Gizo Hospital in Western Province, damaged by the 2007 April Earthquake and Tsunami disaster.

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Dr Sikua expressed gratitude to his Japanese counterpart for his country's ongoing support to Solomon Islands, particularly in areas such as energy, infrastructure and fisheries.

Prime Minister Sikua also thanked the Japanese government for its assistance towards rehabilitation programs of earthquake and tsunami stricken areas of the Western and Choiseul provinces, and towards the recent flooding on Guadalcanal.

His Japanese counterpart has assured Prime Minister Sikua that details of the projects he had outlined will be considered at the next bilateral meeting in Honiara.

The meeting will be held in June this year.