Three lawyers were detained by Fiji police earlier in the week over allegations that they were responsible for contributing to some of the blogs that have risen since the coup.

According to reports from Fiji media, the three lawyers were detained by police on Wednesday and their laptops were checked for 'suspicious activity'.

The number of blog sites regarding Fiji news has risen considerably since the 2006 military coup and more so in the recent months with the abrogation of the country's constitution and most importantly, the censoring of the media.
With the tight control of the government over what can and can not be published by media outlets in the country, many have turned to blogs as a means to obtain 'real' news.

However, today, according to Fiji Times Online, the three lawyers, Tevita Fa, Jon Apted and Richard Naidu, all known to be prominent and well-respected lawyers, have been released.

According to the report, the three were taken to 'the Criminal Investigation Department office in Toorak for being suspected of contributing to a number of common anti-government and anti-military internet blog sites'.
Mr. Apted told Fiji Times Online that 'although they were released a few hours later the police are still in possession of their laptops'.