The three bird species are part of the 2009 Red List compiled by the Birdlife International and the International Conservation Union.

The Marquesas Kingfisher, the Nightingale Reed-Warbler of the Marianas and the Crow Honeyeater of New Caledonia all face extinction, according to the list, mostly due to environmental threats like introduced predators and deforestation.

The Marquesas Kingfisher, according to the Red List website, located in the Marquesas in French Polynesia, is found on two small islands only, and 'is suspected to be declining owing to habitat deterioration and predation'.
According to the site, its situation on one island may be precarious and if it confirmed as extinct there it may require up-listing to Critically Endangered.

The Nightingale Reed-Warbler, is endangered because it is known from three very small islands only, where habitat loss and degradation are diminishing its range and probably its population. The brown tree-snake (Boiga irregularis) is blamed for the Nightingale Reed-Warbler's demise in Guam where the species was once found and it is feared that the same will happen again.

The Crow Honeyeater's decline is being attributed mainly to introduced predators, mainly rats.