Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) will conduct a disaster preparedness training for Simbo Islanders from the 18th -22nd of May at Lengana Village Simbo Island, Western Province.

SIDT has also conducted similar trainings for other communities in other provinces.

The Training workshop are highly participatory, encouraging participants to share their experience.

SIDT's Facilitator, Primo Chapa, said learning tools such as the Participatory Rural Appraisal(PRA) will be used in the training. One of the outcome of the training will be villages coming up with their village disaster response plans.

"Simbo is one of the islands in Western Province that is really affected by the Tsunami and Earthquake in 2007. This workshop will help them to come up with their plan in order to prepare their people to respond to disasters," said Primo Chapa.

SIDT, along with other stakeholder, played a major role in working with communities to help prepare for the impacts of natural hazards such as cyclone, earth quake, tsunami, landslide and flooding.

This training is part of SIDT's work with the Foundation of the People's of the South Pacific program to work with Pacific communities that are vulnerable to natural disasters.