The media in Fiji is still under government censorship following the extension of the Emergency Regulation in the country with recent allegations of the detention of journalists.

The Public Emergency Regulation that has been in place since the abrogation of the Constitution in Fiji has been extended and with it, the censorship of the country's media.
Since the President announced the abrogation, censors were stationed in the country's newsroom to stop the publication of any stories that was anti-government and journalists were detained when certain stories were published that the interim government deemed inappropriate.
Recent allegations are that two reporters from Fijilive, an online news service in the country, were detained over the weekend for publishing a story about the early release of soldiers and a policeman who were involved in the death of a young man.
The story, however, has not been officially reported by any of Fiji's media as this would be classed under what is deemed inappropriate by the censors.
However, the story is being reported in detail by several blogs, which have risen in numbers since the government censorship and are now said to be the Fiji public's only source of "actual" news.

There has been condemnation from not only the region but from around the world regarding the censorship of the media in Fiji and there have been calls for Pacific Island News Association (PINA) to move out of Fiji as it should not operate in a country where the media is being muzzled.
Today, Pacnews, a service of PINA, announced that it will relocate, particularly with the extension of the Public Emergency Regulation, according to Australia Network News.