An airline spokesperson said that a new schedule, now under development and in the process of being circulated, would see the Airlines operating on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Brisbane to Honiara with a direct return service to Brisbane at prime times.

"While this may be seen by some quarters as a calculated risk, we would like to stress that we currently operate three flights weekly with Our Airline on a not so good schedule," stated a spokesman from the Solomon Airlines.

"And we are now moving to a different operator and aircraft; still with three flights weekly with PRIME TIMES as a precursor to better meeting our clients travelling demands and schedules."

The spokesman stated that this includes greater connections from anywhere via Brisbane to Honiara and onwards through its Domestic destinations and also; through Brisbane to the world and within Australia and New Zealand.

"Progress comes at a price and we believe price is relative to timing and rewards; and all this translates to now is the right time (bottom of the cycle) and we anticipate the rewards will be there if we all get behind such a project.

"Naturally, with the capacity this aircraft holds, our next step is to review how best we can commercially secure a Dash8 aircraft for the Domestic connections so as to maximise both advantages to our new found equation," the spokesman stated.