Noble Peace Prize winner, South African Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, has officially launched the Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

"To achieve lasting peace requires courage...what you are doing is opening old wounds and applying a new potent medicine that would heal the wound," said the retired Archbishop in his address.

Archbishop Tutu said that he brings with him a message of peace and love. "I just want to say that despite all that you have gone through, Almighty God who created us Loves all of us...he created us in his image and Loves each and every one of us."

Archbishop Tutu said that all man, women and children are born special. "All of us, we are very special people, special in the eyes of if you consider yourself special, then the man or woman next to you should also be treated like a very special person."

Archbishop Tutu said that the Solomon Islands has a clear choice to make, either to forgive move forward and enjoy the prosperity that comes with peace, or stay locked in bitter hatred and reap the consequences.

"Look at Sudan and Somalia in Africa, look at what is happening in Sri Lanka...that is what happens when there is no peace...the people suffer, the country suffers," said Archbishop Tutu.

Archbishop Tutu reminded the Commissioners of the TRC that it would not be an easy task but a task that is necessary to achieve reconciliation.

"Saint Paul said in the Bible that his Ministry is one of are called upon to be part of this same important Ministry as servants of God, to reconcile your brothers and sisters."

The TRC will now begin in earnest the important task of seeking the truth behind the 'ethnic tension' because, as stated by the great man of Peace, "without the truth one cannot reconcile."