The nomination of Solomon Islanders as commissioners in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will close at 4pm this Wednesday.

Eligible members of the public are being urged to be part of efforts undertaken by the C-NURA government to bring about a safe and peaceful future for Solomon Islands.

Aspiring commissioners would benefit the commission if they have expertise on some of the issues likely to be examined, particularly in the areas of human rights, Solomon Islands history, traditional practices, the Melanesian culture and drafting or writing skills.

The three national commissioners in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will each receive a basic salary of SBD$140,000 per annum, with free accommodation, transport plus allowances for the two year duration of the T-R-C.

According to the National Selection Committee, this is the latest in a range of initiatives undertaken by successive governments since the ethnic tension to bring people towards reconciliation, healing and achieving sustainable peace, national unity and a safe future for Solomon Islands.

The other three foreign members of the T-R-C, including the chairperson, come from Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Vanuatu.

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