The Solomon Airlines has reached a new milestone as it continues to work on improving services to its growing customer base - a new look website and an online booking tool.

On Friday, a new website was launched ( and today would see, for the first time, the introduction of an online booking tool. Travelers will now be able to book their flights from the comfort of their homes or offices with just a click of a button.

General Manager of the Solomon Airlines Commercial Services, Gus Kraus, said that the new website and online booking tool would add value to the services offered by Solomon Airlines. "This means payments could now be made with ones credit cards...this can be applied to both International seats, to and from Brisbane, as well as our Intra-Regional routes," Mr. Kraus said.

Mr. Kraus went on to say that the website and the booking tool is a work in progress and the Solomon Airlines will continue to look at ways to developing it further.

Mr. Kraus said that the Solomon Airlines will continue to market the Solomon Islands and the Company to the World and the website and booking tool is part of their overall promotional effort.