Since August 2000 the Makira weather station in the Makira-Ulawa Province was closed due to land disputes at its current location.

It is understood that after eight years of internal bickering between the land owners, an agreement has been reached which should see the re-opening of this crucial weather station outpost.

The Director of meteorological service Channel Iroi said that it has taken eight years to agree with the landowners, "this year we have been able to review the agreement and have also signed the agreements."

Meanwhile, he stressed that the job is half complete since they will need funds to repair the current premises which could at least half a million.

He added that despite the high cost to re-establish the station, "the benefits out weigh the cost."

"Having accurate weather reports is very important, it is sometimes a matter of life and death, we are all coastal communities and any adverse changes in the weather often has huge effects to our livelihoods," the Director stated.

"There has been no proper forecast reported from the province of Makira since its closure."