The Solomon Islands Government is moving on to establish economic cooperation with four Asian Nations.

The four nations are Japan, India, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Solomon Islands have signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Japan in September last year in Honiara.

The establishment of a Technical Agreement with India has been on the table for signing.

"We are now working on arrangements to find a suitable timing for the two Foreign Ministers to sign the document," Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, William Haomae told Parliament on Thursday.

The Indian government wants the agreement to be signed in New Delhi.

The government is also in the initial stage of establishing a technical cooperation with Philippines.

Currently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade is liaising with the Embassy of Philippines to enter into formal establishment of a technical cooperation between the two countries.

Solomon Islands and the Republic of China (ROC), Taiwan, are currently collaborating on the terms of negotiations into a proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA)/Framework.

Both countries have already provided inputs on a draft agreement.

In the meantime, Solomon Islands are waiting on a response from ROC on recommendations submitted by SIG last year.

Minister Haomae said both countries will proceed with negotiations once a consensus is reached on the agreement.

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