Three Theme Committees of the Constitutional Congress have resumed a weeklong meeting to finalize the framework of the proposed Federal Government System.

The committees, namely Public Finance and Revenue Sharing, the Federal Political Systems and Powers, and the Federal Foundation have started talks on 23 March and will end on 27 March.

These committees will come up with a final report dealing with the three subject areas assigned to the various committees.

Both Chairpersons of the Federal Foundation and Federal Political Systems and Powers Theme Committees have indicated that their reports are ready and are awaiting the report from the Public Finance and Revenue Sharing Committee to deliberate on, which is expected to be ready by the end of the week.

In addition to that, Vice Chairlady Federal Foundation Mrs. Judith Fangalasu said that these three themes should be dealt with thoroughly because they make up the major framework of the proposed system.

She added that her committee has already come up with the foundation of a federal state system, and the Federal Political Systems and Powers Theme committee likewise has come up with a political structure of this system.

"For now, it is a matter of us coming up with a clear picture of how we would like this federal government system to work through the information gathered from communities and put into the reports which are before us," she said, "so that when we go back to the communities, we can show a picture or image representing the type of system that is proposed so that it too will be clear to our people to give their feedback."

Chairperson of the Federal Political Systems and Powers Mr. Paul Tovua said that through the meetings held, they are now picking up essential pieces of information collated from the various communities in Solomon Islands and putting them together.

"When these three committees have met and finalized a combined report, we will then condense it into a structure and picture, to give it to our communities for their feedback," Mr. Tovua said.

In addition to that he said that they have to appreciate and understand that that they should work in accordance with the Government of the Day's policy priorities.

"The government is looking in terms of producing outcomes, and we have to look at how we can satisfy the aspirations of the government," he said.

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