A Consultative meeting was held recently by the National Olympics Committee of Solomon Islands, NOCSI, to relook at the NOCSI constitution, with the aim to make it more relevant for the times.

The President of NOCSI Fred Maetoloa confirmed the meeting. "Amongst other things, one of the main changes we are looking at is the role of the General Secretary Position, we would like to change it to a Voluntary position and have a CEO appointed to manage all day to day affairs of the office," explained Mr Maetoloa.

Mr Maetoloa said that the appointment of a CEO to look after various operations in the NOCSI office would make the organization more effective and efficient. "This will help NOCSI to materialize all the strategic plans that we have put in place for our term in office," he highlighted.

However, Mr Maetoloa states that it would be important to get a good, well-qualified individual appointed to this position, "because his role is as important as the Presidents."