The worsening global economic crises has had a negative impact on the travel industry worldwide, most, if not all, major Airlines have recorded massive decline in bookings.

Solomon Airlines General Manager for Commercial, Gus Kraus, in a recent interview with the Solomon Times, has stated that the Solomon Islands should not be adversely affected by the global economic crises when it comes to visitor arrivals.

"Solomon Islands is a niche market as a destination, we are partly not exposed to the real effects of a tourism destination," said Mr. Kraus.

"Our market is fairly much opposite to the types of markets experienced in Vanuatu and Fiji where tourism makes up some 70- 80% of the airlines travelers and 20-30% being the typical business and VFR (visiting friends and relatives)."

Mr. Kraus said that for visitor arrivals in the Solomons Islands, "we are something like 70-80% as business and VFR with only 20-30% being the typical tourist."

"Our exposure to business may be greater in the near future subject to how Solomon Islands withers the economic storm ahead," said Mr. Kraus.

"In the current climate, we will maintain integrity of our schedule and ensure that we supply the current and expected services."