Lack of playing space in most schools visited in Honiara may well be the reason why children have not been engaged in physical education.

However, despite the lack of sporting fields and equipments, there is definitely enthusiasm to play. SIFF Women's Development officer, Ms Diane Justus is surely achieving something.

While the purpose of visiting schools is to introduce soccer to girls, at the back of Ms Justus' mind is also the health aspect of playing sports.

However, not every child will take soccer seriously, as they grow up. Others will play other sports. Nevertheless, this is definitely a good start as it encourages young kids to start engaging seriously in physical activity.

As observed during the school visits, some of the children are overweight and through this programme they are able to have fun running around and kicking the ball.

Ms. Justus believes that if children are introduced to sports such as soccer early, they would develop the healthy habit of playing, which, in the long run, is good for them.

So far most of the schools in Honiara have been covered and only a few remains to be visited.

Since she made her first visit, the programme has attracted interest from schools and Ms Justus says she will continue with it until all Honiara-based schools are visited.

Her message everywhere is the same and that is "football is a universal sport played by men, women, boys and girls."

This is now evident at schools she had visited where there is general acceptance among the boys for girls to play soccer.