The Cultural Working Committee, tasked with organizing the 2012 Arts Festival, will be having its first meeting tomorrow, said the Director of Culture Division, Robert Au.

He mentioned that the discussions would focus on two key issues, first being the current cultural legislations. This will include the country's Cultural Policy and Intellectual Property Rights. The second discussion will focus on the Festival groundwork, identifying possible venues for the weeklong event.

"Our discussions will also be guided by a report by Ms. Rohoda Roberts and Terri Janke, both from the Secretariat of the Pacific Communities (SPC)," said Mr. Au. "This is part of SPC's commitment to the upcoming Festival...the report is quite comprehensive as it contains Action Plans and Timelines of what needs to be done."

Mr. Au said that once the Working Committee completes the preparatory work, a formal Festival Organizing Committee would be established. "Such a Committee would need to be approved by cabinet, names have been prepared and have been submitted to the Permanent Secretary for his final selection," said Mr. Au.

Meanwhile Mr. Au said that work on the new Art Gallery is progressing well. "We have shortlisted a few contractors...the committee will meet again and call on these contractors to make a brief presentation to the panel."

"We are looking at having the building completed by 2011, so that there is ample time to work on the interior before the actual festival," he said.