Receiving Fiji's prestigious award for a young Solomon Islander comes as "a real surprise."

Speaking to Solomon Times, the young 12 year old, Alyssa Honimae, who is part Malaita and Bellona, said being awarded the Dux Prize Award in Fiji last year was an achievement that caught her "completely by surprise."

"I didn't expect to win the prize which is usually awarded to Fijians and Indians and for me as a Solomon Islander to receive the award is a real honor," she said.

Alyssa was given the prestigious award end of last year upon completion of her Grade Six at the Deenbandhoo Memorial School in Suva.

She now attends Indian College which is known to be "where bright students in Suva go."

"To go into that college requires high aggregate of 250, so for me it's a challenge to be in a school where I will be competing against bright students."

The youngest of four daughters in the family, Alyssa acknowledged the love and support of her family which has enabled her to reach such achievement.

"I owe this award to my parents and siblings and I feel proud and humbled at the same time."

Alyssa, who is daughter of Solomon Islands leading journalist, Johnson Honimae, said she never allow being among smart students of Fiji to look down on herself.

"The award has motivated me to strive for higher achievement, and to prove that as a Solomon Islander, I can match up to students here in Fiji."

Alyssa encouraged other young Solomon Islanders studying in foreign countries not to look down on themselves.

"Believe in yourselves and do not think low on yourselves, study hard and do not give up on your dreams."

Proud parents, Johnson and Annette, said the achievement has made them "very happy" to see their daughter receive such an award.

"This is a big achievement for our daughter especially outside of our country and we are very proud of her," her mother, Annette, said.