Leader of Opposition told Parliament that certain members of Parliament have lobbied to get support from the Opposition to support a motion of no confidence in the current leadership.

When winding up the debate on a motion he moved last Friday, Manasseh Sogavare said there was a group which congregated at a hotel in Honiara and have come up with a MOU planning to oust the prime minister.

He said the group even approached the Opposition group seeking support.

But Deputy Prime Minister, Fred Fono, had denied such split in the government saying everyone's cooperating to fulfil the government's promises to the people.

He said this would be the best time MPs stay together to tackle major global issues such as the financial crisis and its likely effects on Solomon Islands.

Mr. Fono said any move to table a motion of no confidence will not benefit the country because it's just about a year before the next general election.

Meanwhile, General secretary of the Public Employees Union, Paul Belande, warns of a decline in loyalty by public servants if the C-NURA government led by Dr Derek Sikua is ousted in a motion of no confidence.

He says the public servants have been loyal with three Prime Ministers since the last election and the fourth within four years will be too much.

Mr Belande says he'll be very disappointed if the current government is ousted because good relationships and hard work for many months will be wasted.

He says, fruitful discussions have been gong on since the C-NURA government took office and would want to see some of the plans realised during the term of the current administration.

Mr Belande says the current house saw number three becoming more prominent such as the three prime ministers in the current four year term, three deaths and three MPs put behind bars.

He says members of Parliament should work together to address the many problems facing the country.

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