The people of Northeast and East Central Guadalcanal are still waiting for relief supplies after recent heavy torrential rains destroyed their food gardens one month ago.

The people are questioning why government is slow to distribute the supplies to their villages, one month after after the event occurred.

Gordon Tapalia and Eric Miti, from the two respective constituencies, say the Ministry of Finance and Treasury is yet to raise payments for the purchase of relief supplies.

They say this is despite the completion of assessment and the finalisation of a list of people eligible to get help by teams that have been sent to assessment the situation.

Both men say government had assured the country that it had committed 11-million dollars towards relief efforts following last months heavy rains and king tides.

They however say the people of Northeast and East Central Guadalcanal are still waiting to get their share of the 11-million dollars.

Meanwhile, they say a briefing between the National Disaster Council and those helping in the distribution of relief supplies was to have taken place [last] Thursday.

The meeting was postponed because there was no money to purchase rice.

Both men who have helped to arrange transportation of the relief supplies told SIBC News they want government to quickly address the food situation of their people.

They question why government had announced the 11-million dollar help when the money is not immediately available.

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