Results on tests on three workers of the Gold Ridge Mining Limited was released today.

GRML workers Dominic Timi, 42, Samson Misimanu, 42, and Paul Norman, 31, visited the Honiara Accidents and Emergency department on the 12th of this month, allegedly exposed to cyanide fume four days ago.

Dr. Reginald W. Aipia in his report said the specific interrogation in the respiratory system has caused irritated cough, shortness of breath at times, no pleuritic chest pains and no haemoptysis.

He said that this has caused the victims to feel sleepy all the time, general body weakness, loss of consciousness, fainting, however no fitting.

It was revealed that with most tests done for the victims' blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, respiratory system and their cardiovascular system, they were diagnosed with atypical bronchitis secondary to cyanide inhalation.

He said that chlorphermine and chloramphenicol are the only available medications in the Solomons due to the lack of proper medication and blood and urine testing for cyanide poisoning.

He recommended that the victims travel to Australia for further blood and urine testing for cyanide poisoning.

"If positive for cyanide poisoning, they need to be treated accordingly as currently, there is no proper medication in Solomon Islands," said Dr. Aipia.