The Coalition of National Unity and Rural Advancement (CUNRA) regime has denied public rumors of a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua.

Deputy Prime Minister, Fred Fono, said the CNURA government remains intact as government continues to implement policies to improve people's livelihoods.

Mr. Fono described any planned motion to oust the Sikua Government as "total waste of time and energy" in light of the tough times ahead.

"The looming global financial crisis ahead of us requires total cooperation between politicians to brace the nation for the worst things to come," he said. "Any political instability will only accelerate problems for the nation".

The Deputy Prime Minister said members of Parliament and more so the Cabinet should remain united since a lot of issues need to be addressed.

He said a motion of no confidence would be seen only as a political expediency as the next general election is only a few months away.

"People already knew that any motion at these challenging times will only cause political instability and delay implementation of government programmes," Mr. Fono said.

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