Driving along parts of Honiara city requires patience for most with the growing sight of potholes.

The Acting Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall, made the call following notable deteriorating road conditions.

Mr. Marshall said that while it's a hassle driving through potholes, drivers should also be careful to avoid unnecessary road accidents.

Swerving to avoid potholes is almost at every turn which is frustrating drivers on the road.

Mr. Marshall said that "swerving to miss potholes" are often linked to vehicles colliding and calls on drivers to be patient while on the road.

He adds that the Ministry of Infrastructure is working and trying their best to get the roads fixed.

Most motorists approached agreed that the road conditions are getting worse and posing high risk of accidents.

They said the deteriorating condition on the roads is also creating added burden to them.

"Getting spare parts these days is very expensive and with road conditions as ours, we have to always replace parts in our vehicle," bus driver, Gilbert Kalita, complained.

He said all the swerving to avoid potholes is "our way of avoiding damage to our vehicles."

Motorists urged responsible authorities to quickly patch the roads and make it safe for motorist and also pedestrians to use.