It is not widely known that the Royal Solomon Police Force Band is the only brass band in the nation.

Members of the RSIP Force Band also actively serve in operational duties to help form this country's backbone for law and order.

The Police band normally plays at official State and Government functions, national events and other community events held in the greater Honiara area and provinces.

As a marching band they regularly perform on the run and impress the public with their musical ability whilst leading marches such as this week's International Women's Day event in Honiara.

Band director, Superintendent Tamoa Ienikabo, said the band's next big event will be held on the 12 June 2009 to celebrate the Queens Birthday, then Independence Day on 7 July 2009. The band normally performs at Lawson Tama ground, where big crowds always enjoy their music and dance.

The Band originally started in the 1960s and faded for sometime. It was revived by the Solomon Islands Government in January 1976 for Independence celebrations.

Currently 23 band members practice together every week day at the Rove Police band hut. However, they must fit this in with their other Police duties.

"Since its establishment, this unit is involved a lot in Police duties such as beat patrols, guard duties and special operations," he said.

Superintendent Tamoa Ienikabo said they played a range of music including brass band and jazz arrangements, pop and religious music.

The Brass band includes cornets, flugal horn, tenor horns and trombones, baritones, euphomums, tubas, percussion instruments and electronic keyboard.

"All instruments are part of an ensemble, they all play important roles," he said.

Band members are recruited through the Police Academy and instruments are provided with the help of the Solomon Islands Government and Aid donations from Japan and the United States. The Police band has four long-serving members of 31-years each, they are Superintendent Tamoa Ienikabo, Sgt: Samuel Kwaifi, Sgt: John Ta'aru and Sgt: Albert Fagataoa.

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