Acting Police Commissioner Peter Marshall, in his weekly meeting with the media today, revealed that Shortlands would soon have a police post.

This positive response by the police follows calls by people of Shortlands for stronger police presence.

Mr. Marshall said that the new police post would be officially opened late march. He adds that there would be customs and quarantine officers stationed in the same building "which will make the issue of law enforcement stronger and more unifying."
Mr. Marshall said that as a matter of priority seven police force personals will be stationed at the border, and will report to the police post on a regular basis.

Mr. Marshall said extra officers will be placed in parts of the Western Province, particularly in Munda and Noro, "so that they would have extra officers to assist them on priority matters, such as that of patrolling the border." He said that police vessels would also be sent to the border to ensure that those patrolling the border remain vigilant.

The people of Shortlands have raised concerns over increased illegal border crossings by foreigners, into Solomon Islands through Bougainville of Papua New Guinea.

The Shortland Islands are a group of islands belonging to the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. They lie in the extreme northwest of the country's territory, close to the island of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea.