The presence of international soccer player, Commins Menapi has attracted interest from students of both Mbokona and Kukum SDA Schools.

Menapi joined the SIFF football outreach team yesterday afternoon to visit the two schools where he became an instant hit among the students.

"The students were excited to see Menapi because he is a well-known soccer player," says the SIFF Women's Development officer, Ms Diane Justus.

"Menapi's inclusion has made some difference. When we arrived you can hear the children calling out his name," she said.

"At Kukum SDA School, Menapi actually played small-sided games with the children and they were excited about it," Ms Justus added.

"It was a surprise appearance by Menapi and it really boosted the programme," the SIFF WDO says.

The former Waitakere striker was initially asked to join the team during the first visits but he could not attend for personal reasons.

However, he turned up yesterday morning and confirmed his availability. Mr. Menapi will be assisting Ms Justus in the outreach programme.

A number of schools have indicated their willingness to be included in the school visitation programme.

Meanwhile, the team will return to the Mbokona school today for a similar visit.