People residing in the Shortland Islands, bordering Papua New Guinea's Bougainville Islands, have raised grave concerns over increased border crossings by foreigners into Solomon Islands and vice versa.

The people fear this might lead to allowing terrorists to enter Solomon Islands illegally or drug smuggling.

Shortland islander Alisae Laore said this while speaking during a Parliament Foreign Relations Committee forum held in Gizo, Western province last week

The forum were held as part of the Committee's broader work of reviewing RAMSI in the country.

Border representatives appearing before the committee alleged that foreigners illegally entered Solomon Islands through Bougainville.

Alisae Laore told the committee that in the recent past crossing happened because Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea did not have borderline check points where Immigration, Customs and Quarantine officials operated the posts.

He said previously Solomon Islands and PNG accepted cross-border entries but people from other countries who came with yachts abused this privilege.

Mr Laore calls on the Foreign Relations Committee to address this issue.

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