Holiday period is over and training session is resuming for young Elliot Ragomo, the Solomon Islands Kurukuru star and captain.

Elliot Ragomo, in an interview with Solomon Times, said that they have resumed training as of last week as there are competitions coming up in the year.

He said that during his holiday breaks the one thing he really enjoyed was spending time with his family which he really missed a lot last year at the time when they are training very hard for the futsal world cup.

He said that the holiday break really gained back his strength and now he is looking forward for another year of training.

"Now that we are back in training, with the number of new players joining us so we will be very busy training them so that some of them can be able to join our national Futsal team," said young Ragomo.

The Kurukuru star also predicted that this year is going to be a tough year but he believed that they will get through any challenges that they might come across.

When asked if he will ever pursue further in his studies he smiled and say that he will definitely go back doing his studies either going back to King George or pursuing his education at the University of the South Pacific Centre.