The football outreach programme is gaining momentum with Honiara International School receiving its second visit this afternoon.

Like all the other schools visited so far, it is difficult to gauge the interest of the kids.

Girls are quite open and tend to ask a lot of questions about football.

Grade 6 students attended the first session last week and [yesterday] afternoon, it was for grade 4 and 5 pupils.

As explained to the children, the whole purpose of the visit is to raise awareness among the students that soccer is not only for boys but also girls.

Obviously, as evident from the session, girls have the same passion as boys to play soccer.

According to Ms. Justus, the interest is definitely there but the biggest challenge is how to sustain the programme to ensure this interest is kept alive.

One suggestion is for those who are keen to play soccer to sign up with one of the existing soccer Schools of Excellence (SOE).

At least five premier clubs have SOE's and the children are encouraged to enroll in either of them. They include, Uncles, Marist, Kossa, Koloale and Makuru.

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