The SIFF Technical department will hold another round of selection trial matches to further trim down the squad they have identified from the first trial matches.

SIFF Development officer, Noel Wagapu, confirms yesterday that 70 odd players have been selected from the first trial matches and this number will be trimmed down.

"I want to trim down this squad to about 40 players which is a respectable number to look after," he says.

However, the date for the new trials will be confirmed once he finalises the list of players selected from the first trials.

Commenting on the talents seen during the trials, Wagapu says there are a lot of potential players and he would be observing them.

"There are tournaments coming up in the various age categories and it is important we have a squad in place so that when the time comes for them to train, it would be easy for me to just call up," he adds.

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