Two more schools, Zion and Burnscreek were visited in the last two days with more than 100 children participating in the football outreach programme.

SIFF Women's Development Officer, MS Diane Justus who coordinates the programme describes it as "real eye opener" for most the the young girls who are between ages 9-12.

"Not all the girls who participated in the programme have the opportunity to kick a soccer ball either at school or home home before so they were really excited," she says.

All four schools visited so far have accepted girls playing soccer alongside their male colleagues and that is a positive step forward in ensuring that these kids are aware that soccer is played by both boys and girls.

At Zion, the playing surface wasn't great but the 76 odd students (40 boys and 36 girls) enjoyed kicking the ball around and basically have fun.

"It was great fun and I think soccer is a good sport. I will ask my parents if I could play soccer," says grade 4 student, Paisy Kasoa who is of mixed Tikopia and Malaita parentage.

Another female student, Shirly Natei is just as keen and has indicated her interests to become a football player in the future.

Some of the students interviewed at Burnscreek also shared similar sentiments to take soccer seriously when they grow up.

Though the visit was brief, the students from Zion School and Burnscreek were really excited with some even asking when the next visit will take place.

Ms. Justus will tomorrow visit Palm Drive International School which is located at the Eastern Mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Church below Betikama.

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