A young man who has passion for soccer since from a very young age will be leaving the country to play with his new club, Bundaberg FC in the Queensland State League in Australia.

The Zome Mars striker from Gwaunaoa in West Kwara'ae of Malaita Province, James Naka, will depart in a week's time.

"I am very happy and feel privileged to finally achieving one of my dreams, which is to join a club overseas," the 26 years old told Solomon Times.

Mr. Naka who will be accompanied by another local soccer player, Joe Luwi, said that apart from playing, he will also coach children between the ages of 5 - 7 years old in Australia.

"I feel very proud seeing many Solomon Islands soccer players signing up with New Zealand clubs and Australia is now taking the same approach to signing up our players," he said.

Asked on how he feels about playing against skilled players, he said it is an exciting thing to look forward to.

He said gaining international exposure will be an advantage not just to players who are signed up but also players here on home ground.

"Personally when I come back to Solomon Islands, I will definitely pass on some new soccer techniques to young players."

Mr. Naka said his contract depends very much on his performance with the club.

He said on the basis of extending his contract, "I will definitely sign up without hesitation because playing with such clubs will help improve me on some of my soccer skills."

Mr. Naka said that coming back home when his contract ends "I will definitely go back to joining Zome Mars".

The young player who looks to David Beckham for inspiration said his dream is "to be famous like him."

He said that for young soccer players in the country, "all you need to do is train hard because soccer is all about training, discipline and hard work."

The duo will leave the country on 15th of this month.