The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Secretariat has taken delivery of long-awaited school sports equipment for tsunami-stricken provinces.

SIFF General Secretary, Eddie Ngava, who had earlier expressed grievances over the delay to release the cargoes from Customs, says the misunderstanding between SIFF and Customs has been cleared.

He expressed gratitude to the Customs and Excise for its understanding especially in sorting out sports equipment stored at its shed for about three months.

SIFF had tried unsuccessfully to secure the release of the goods maintaining that they are for the tsunami victims of the two provinces.

"The equipment were paid for under a FIFA program called "Football for Hope" following an application from SIFF to the footballs mother body after the tsunami had devastated Western and Choiseul Provinces," Mr. Ngava explained.

The sports equipment will be given to schools affected by tsunami in both Western and Choiseul Provinces, to help rehabilitate school-age children.

Mr. Ngava also acknowledged the National Disaster Management Office for recognizing the consignment as being a contribution to the rehabilitation program to the tsunami stricken schools of Western Province and Choiseul Province.

The delivery of the goods to the schools affected by tsunami in the two provinces will be a joint effort by SIFF; the two provincial authorities and their provincial education departments.

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