Villagers residing at Tamboko village of west Guadalcanal say they survive on what is remaining of crops in their gardens destroyed by the recent floods in the area.

An elderly of the village, Donation Damikura, said that people in the community now survive on crops grown in gardens washed up by the flood "but we don't know what will happen once the food supplies are finished".

He described the flood that destroyed gardens and properties as "one of the worst flood experienced in our village".

Mr. Damikura adds that as an elderly, "I feel responsible to call on responsible authorities to come to our rescue".

He said the situation in the villages "still remains the same since the flood Thursday last week".

"Our other big problem is drinking water as our community water supply has turned brown from mud so the rain is somehow a blessing as it provides us good water."

He adds that while the whole village was damaged, "we are lucky to have no deaths".

Solomon Times was told that among thatched houses destroyed in the flood, three permanent houses were also damaged.

He said the one big surprise for them was the unaffected community church house built near the Umasani River.

"This is the river that damaged the Tamboko Bridge and seeing the church house with no damage at all is quite surprising."

He said villages affected by the flood have people with ideas of rebuilding their houses on higher grounds to avoid a repeat of the same thing in the near future.

Mr. Damikura adds that people are just looking forward to planting new gardens, rebuilding and "just live a normal life again".

Solomon Times understands relief supplies are being transported to Tamboko, and other affected areas, today.